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Tea Saponin Powder

Tea Saponin Powder

Appearance: yellow powderUsed Part: Tea Seed Active Ingredients: Tea saponin Specification: 60%

Product Details:

General Information:

Product Name:Camellia Seeds Saponin Powder
Other Name:Tea saponin
Extract Source:Camellia sinensis O. Ktze
Used Part: Tea seed
Active Ingredients:tea saponin
Our Specification: Tea Saponin 60%
Appearance:Light yellow powder
Packaging Detail:10~25kg/Bag
Storage: Store in a well-closed container away from moisture.
Shelf Life:2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light. 
Delivery:By Sea & Air Shipping & International Express
Lead Time:3-15 days after confirm order.

Shaanxi Yuwangtang is a leading China herbal extract manufacturer and supplier and also a professional bulk tea saponin factory, we are able to offer you 100% pure natural, good price and high quality products, Tea saponin powder, Camellia seed extract saponin, camellia seeds oil, made in China, and also can provide you with our products wholesale and free sample.

Items Specification
AppearanceYellow powder
Mesh80 Mesh
No dissolve with water<0.5%
Ash and Volatile<5.0%
PH Value5.0-6.5
Surface Tension47-51mN/m
Foamy Height160-190mm

Our advantage of Tea Saponin
1.100% Quality Control for production process
1.100% Natural product, without any additive and synthesize ingredient.
2.Free sample(10-20g or enough to detection) and Unconditional assume response.

Tea saponin powder, it is extracted from camellia seeds. Tea saponin has two characteristics, one is surface activity, the other is biologic activity. As the surface activity, it is an excellent nonionic surfactant which is proved to have function of emulsification, dispersing, fronthing and moistring. After formulation, it can be widely used in pesticide, texitile, daily chemical and architecture field for its surfactants without pollution. As the biologic activity, it is used in shrimp farming to eliminate predatory fish in the fish and shrimp ponds. Help shrimp take off shell earlier and enhance the growth of shrimps. It also can be used to kill snail in rice field and earthworm in golf court. Detoxify quickly in water and are not injurious to cattle and people who may use the water.

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Agrochemical auxiliary’s area

Tea Saponin is an excellet  agent and natural surfactant for liquid and water-soluble pesticide. Saponin can self-degradable, and non-toxic. During the separation process it will not impact the chemical property of the pesticide and lasting the effect of the pesticide. Saponin is wildly used in the herbicide (such as Glyphosate), and insecticides (such as Bisultap). Especially for Glyphosate, saponin can improve the adhesive force and wet absorption. Meanwhile enhance the penetration and biological activity of Glyphosate. It can reduce the dosage of pure herbicides to 50%-70%.


Molluscicide area

Tea saponin powder is an organic molluscicide without any potential harm to human, animals and environment. It is largely applied in rice field to kill snails, especially Golden Apple Snail with good efficacy. It also can ensure high harvest and top quality of rice without accumulated harmful elements.


Aquaculture area

Tea saponin is extensively used in aquaculture to eliminate unwanted fish and harmful insects in the fish and prawn ponds. Help shrimps take off shell earlier and enhance the growth of shrimps. Detoxify quickly in water and are not injurious to cattle and people who may use the water. Leave no cumulative adverse residues, and it is readily available, economical to use. It can prevent the black-gill shrimp disease and control parasites as well as improve the ecdysis and growing. It can be made for pond-cleaning agent on the account of hemolysis and fish poison functions. In livestock breeding, it can reduce the level of cholesterol inside the animals and develop low-cholesterol animal products.


Feed area

Tea saponin powder is effective substitute antibiotic and can reducing the diseases for both humans and animals so as to improve the whole aquatic breeding industry and eventually bring heath.


Building area

Tea saponin can be used as foaming agent and foam-stabilization agent in air-added concrete production. 


Mining Oil area

Tea saponin powder can be made of excellent flotation agent, significantly improve the flotation efficiency.

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