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Why Hops And Hops Extract So Popular Now?

Why hops and hops extract so popular now?

Hops( Latin name: Humuluslupulus), is a vigorous climbing herbaceous perennial. The length of the hops vine is more than 6 meters. The hops is originating in Europe, American area and Asia. They can be used for brewing brewing beer and making medicine.

Hops contain resin and volatile oil. While resin include humulone, isohumulone, lupulone etc. And volatile oil include myrcene, Humulusscandens grass limonene, linalool, hops alcohol.In addition, there are tannins, flavonoids, choline, fructose, sucrose and glucose in hops.

Pharmacological action of hops:Antimicrobial, Female hormone effect, Sedative action

The flower of hops is the raw material for brewing beer. Hops can not be replaced in beer brewing. First, hops can make the beer have fresh aromatic aroma, bitterness and anti-corrosion. The fragrance of malt and hops give beer subtle flavor. Second, hops can form a good beer foam, Third, hops is good for wort clarifying. At last, the strong flavor of hops can balance the wort natural sweetness and stimulate the appetite. Primitive beer added sugar or dates, it taste sweet, but this beer don’t quench people’s thirst. This is reason of the beer added hops popular.

Besides, hops extract have many functions, such as, hops extractis beneficial for insomnia and nervousness , and it canbe usefully combined with valerian for coughs and nervous spasmodic conditions.

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