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The Fresh Batch White Willow Bark Extract Salicin Powder Have Been Produced, Welcome Your Inquiry!

Shaanxi Yuwangtang just produce the fresh batch White Willow Bark Extract, welcome your inquiry!

Specification: salicin 15% ~ 98%

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Product name: white willow bark extract
Other name: Extract of willow; Salix; Extract of willow bark; Extract of willow leaf; Salix alba bark extract; Salix leaf extract; Willow bark extract; Willow leaf extract; Beli stem bark extract; Cortex Salicis; Salix alba Linn., stem bark extract

Extract Source: bark of Salix babylonicaL
Active Ingredients: Salicin
Molecular Formula: C13H18O7
Molecular Weight: 286.27
Specifications: HPLC 15%-98%
Appearance: Yellow Brown to White Powder

Functions of white willow bark extract Salicin:
1. relieves pain and reduce fevers, including headache, back and neck pain,muscle aches, and menstrual cramps.
2. the function of treatment inflammation.
3. helps to treat scabies,erysipelas, decayed tooth, swelling in the gum.
4. is effective on dispelling wind-evil, increasing urine, reducing swelling.
5. has the function of curing rheumatism, blennorrhagia, gonorrhea cloudy urine, pee atresia, epidemic hepatitis.
Applications of white willow extract Salicin:
1.Anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic,
2.Reduce a fever,
3.Use as an analgesic and astringent,
4.Relieve headache,
5.Ease pain caused by rheumatism, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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