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High Quality of Reishi Mushroom Extract

Product Description

English name:reishi mushroom extract
Latin name: Ganoderma lucidum (Leysser.Fr)Karst
Plant part used: Whole Mushroom
Testing methods: UV&HPLC
CAS No.: 9012-72-0, 81907-62-2
Certificate of Analysis
Reishi, also known as Ling-Zhi (Chinese) which is a purplish brown fungus with a long stalk, brown spores, and a fan-shaped cap with a shiny, varnish coated appearance.Reishi grows on decaying wood or tree stumps, preferring the Japanese plum tree but also found on oak.The mushroom is native to China, Japan, and North America but is cultivated throughout other Asian countries. Cultivation of ganoderma lucidum is a long, complicated process.
Reishi mushroom is used as a tonic and a sedative. It is useful in chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, liverdisorders, hypertension, arthritis, and nervous exhaustion. It has a strong antihistamine action that can help control allergies. Reishi mushroom can also lower cholesterol, prevent blood clots, help prevent the growth of tumors, and increase the body's ability to fight unwanted invaders.
It can resit aging, rheumatism and allergic, adjust endocrine. Improve microcirculation. Soothe the nerve, promote sleep, enhance protein synthesis, improve blood pressure, blood lipid, blood sugar, and restrain the proliferation of human liver cancer, human stomach cancer, human galactophore cancer, human leukaemia and human cervical carcinoma cell.
Reishi extract may act as a blood pressure stabilizer, antioxidant, analgesic, a kidney and nerve tonic. It has been used in bronchitis prevention and in cardiovascular treatment, and in the treatment of high triglycerides, high blood pressure, hepatitis, allergies, chemotherapy support, HIV support, and fatigue and altitude sickness.

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