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Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil

Product Name:Rosehip oil
Other Name:Rose Hips Seed Oil
Active Ingredients:Linoleic acid, linolenic acid
Used Part:Rose Hips Seed

Product Details:

Shaanxi Yuwangtang is a leading China Rosehip Oil manufacturer and supplier and also a professional bulk Rosehip Oil factory, we are able to offer you 100% pure natural, good price and high quality :Rose Hips Seed Oi, Rose hip Oil, organic rosehip oil,rosehip seed oil, natural improve immunity product made in China, and also can provide you with our products wholesale and free sample.

General Information

Product Name:

Rosehip oil

Other Name:

Rose Hips Seed Oil, Rose hip Oil, organic rosehip oil,rosehip seed oil

Extract Source:


Used Part: 

Rose Hips Seed

Active Ingredients:

Linoleic acid, linolenic acid

Our Specification: 

linoleicacid 43% linolenicacid 32% 


orange to yellow clear liquid with a characteristic rosehip fesh aroma

Packaging Detail:

25 kg of blue plastic buckets or according to your requirements


Rosehip Oil store in cool and dry place. .

Shelf Life:

2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light. 


By Sea & Air Shipping & International Express

Lead Time:

Within 6 days after receive payment.

Our advantage of Rosehip oil

Daily efficacy: deeply nourish skin, provide nutrients, make the skin soft, tender, moist, prevent ultraviolet rays harm the skin, whiten skin;Increase the skin vigor, keep skin elastic, shrink rough pores, can make the dry skin restore its natural luster;

Special treatment: improve and eliminate the old and new scars after trauma, such as acne, dark sore of concave and convex holes, sunburn, burn scar and the scar left after the surgery.Eliminate the phenomenon of change skin after black and red.To prevent and eliminate stretch marks;Prevent pigmentation, fade spots, fade dark spots, freckles, age spots, chloasma, eye care can eliminate black rim of the eye, eye adipose bead, granulation, flat warts.


Rose hip oil is a kind of wild rose fruit of South America, and through a special new technology methods of extraction, extraction, enrichment, does not contain any chemical composition, preservatives, pure natural vegetable oil.Its main ingredients by a variety of unsaturated fatty acid, vitamin C, acidity, soft hard acid ester, linseed oil and sunlight filtering factor.It is a magic weapon of beautiful skin, the number of southern Chile century from the boys and girls to sedate handsome mature beauty, want to let skin to achieve a more perfect state, it must know rose hip oil.

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1. Scar: Rose hip oil can be repair facial and leave scar blain scar after the operation, smooth convex concave hole, tighten pores, dissolve blackhead.

2. Wrinkles, Rose hip oil can be prevent wrinkles, including eye crow's feet, stretch marks, body lines, and can in the short term will be wrinkles and fine lines, such as dim and eliminate, help royal aging, anti-aging.

3. The dark spots: Rose hip oil can be prevent dark spots, the formation of freckles and chloasma, makes spots fade to disappear, recover white and beautiful.

4. Burns: Rose hip oil can be general can reduce pain and burn or scald wounds recover quickly.

5. Sunburn: Rose hip oil can be violent bask in the sun too long, after use quickly to reduce pain and inflammation.

6. Dry rough, Rose hip oil can be rough dry wet skin, dry stem fierce stubborn skin and prosperous hand smooth moist, protective layer to prevent water loss, restore skin meticulous original luster.

7. Itch: Rose hip oil can be eliminate the common skin itching, very helpful to dry skin.

8. Tire seal: Rose hip oil can be generally too long of tire seal takes longer, such as nearly period of leave scar of tire and adipose bead can fade in the short term.

9. Hair care: Rose hip oil can be wet hair, and repair the dry split and damaged hair.

10. Red: Rose hip oil can be every mosquitoes, bite, skin sensitive cause skin irritation can quickly eliminate pain and back to the original as soon as possible.

11. Skin care: Rose hip oil can be every day even in 2 drops of rose hip oil has the ability to repair skin, skin problems more grade.


1.Rose hip oil can be applied in functional food, drinks, health care products and pharmaceuticals.

2. Rose hip oil are antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent and have been used to soothe and

heal irritated chapped skin.


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